Saturday, February 21, 2015

Math and Read Across America Day

So March 2nd is NEA's Read Across America Day. The 2015 theme is Oh the Places You'll Go! What a great theme to integrate math in the Math 1/Algebra 1 classroom.

We have just started our Linear Functions unit and what better way to integrate the book with a lesson on Distance and Midpoint!

Students will research 5 places they want to visit  and "pit stops" in North Carolina. Using Google Maps they will create a map and find the coordinates of their visits and "pit stops' to find the total distance and midpoint.

The project will be presented using iMovie.

Students will be given the assignment on Thursday to work on for a few days. On March 2nd, I will read the book, followed by a viewing of their presentations.

I am so excited and I know the students will be also.  I will definitely most pictures of videos of our Read Across America Day event.

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