Sunday, October 28, 2012

Teacher Tools

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My favorite pair for engaging students in assessments: BrainPop and ActivExpressions!
I'm a BrainPOP Educator Badge

Today's (11/14/2012) iStrategy is using Podomatic's Minicast Feature. Students can download a song and pictures to create a picture video. Two steps...Add music and then add photos. Publish and you are done! Who says you can't have fun integrating technology? This sample video is dedicated to my Mentoring Group!

Today's (11/13/2012) App of the day is Worldsalad! This FREE app creates word clouds in a quick, fast, fun way! Help students review vocabulary and combine this with Fotobabble and have them explain their word salad! What a great way to engage students in learning vocabulary, concepts, formulas, and more! So easy, no directions required!


Just found this cute, fun, interactive sight for students to use as a way to explain thier understanding of a topic. It's called Fotobabble! It is a free app or you can use the website. Students upload a picture and create a voice recording for the picture. Check the example I used below:

Check out the Printable Page for the Template for the Fortune Teller!

Free Texting
If you have students like me, a cell phone is attached to their hands like their fingers. I needed to find a way to communicate with my students and parents for reminders, updates, and simple acknowledgements. Last year I used Remind101 and it was great. It is a free tool you create messages online, setup delivery date and time, and that it! This year, I came acorss the site: It's the same concept as Remind 101, but a bit different. Remind 101 does not require you to import contacts, students send a message to an assigned number and that's it. Sendhub, requires you to create a contact list. Both sites allow you to schedule delivery. Check out both and see which one works for you!
Download the free new App:  Remind 101 App!
Get Started Here: Remind 101

Save, share, and discover links across the web. We use bitly in class as an easy way to share online tutorial sites for our students.  Students can access websites easily and fast. It is a great collaboration tool for groups. Check out our class bitly: Our Class bitly

The Instant Classroom
 This is a great

Create a free, customizable, printable seating chart and more with Instant Classroom.

The iPad Pen

Since we have a class set of iPads,  my students and I have love what we can do with the iPad pens. Yes, you can use your fingers, but for graphing and neu.Annonate pdf assignments, the pens are a must have. Amazon and Ebay have them in bulk for very cheap! That reminds me, I have to pay my co-worker!

The Tool Belt

This is a cute garden tool belt I found in the Dollar Bin at Wal-mart. I added a bow for flare and I must say it is a keeper. It is small enough to stay on the side comfortably all day and big enough to keep my pins, small notepad, clips, keys, markers, lotion, etc. Thinking about making some for my kids teachers!


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