Monday, April 20, 2015

Formative Assessments for the 21st Century Classroom

Here are some cool digital tools students can use for formative assessments.

1. - Originally to create quotes, but great for students to share what they have learned in class. You can have them create one and post to your class Facebook page or Twitter page. You can also have them download it and post it to your class blog or website.
2. - A place where you can generate fake iPhone text message screenshots and share them. It can be shared to any social media account or the image can be shared as a link.

3. Wordle Summary - Give students a wordle and have them create a 2 - 3 sentence summary using as many word from the wordle.
4. Selfies - What student doesn't love selfies? Give students a topic, word, or question. They can write it on a sheet of paper and then take a Selfie.

5. Doing for the Vine - Vines are perfects for recording short videos. Students can respond to a question or topic through a recording.

6.  Memes - Students  create a Meme that shows their understanding of  a topic. 

7. Twitter - Have students tweet their understanding. Many students get creative because they can only use 140 characters. Assign a unique hashtag so all your tweets are curated together.

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