Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Paperless Classroom

I always wanted to know  how I could actually go conduct a paperless classroom. Could I create a learning experience for my students that does not require making copies of notes, worksheets, and assessments. After a couple of hours of planning, I think I have a plan. Tomorrow students will complete their warm-ups on the iPads using Socrative, followed by their assignment list on EDU 2.0. I have created their worksheet as a pdf file, that they can write on using the neu.Annonate app. Our class discussions will be posted on Today's Meet and Excited and ready to see how this work.

Our paperless classroom begins with students completing their warm-ups on EDU 2.0 and then reading their agenda for the day. Textbooks are provided to students as a PDF file that they can highlight and annonate as needed to understand the lesson. Students use their own paper to complete problems and take notes. Practice problems are embedded in our EDU 2.0 class for students to complete during class. Online tools such as Today's Meet and provide our class with the opportunity to collaborate with each other. We use apps such as Doddle Buddy as our personal whiteboard to share our answers during our class discussions. Class ends with students using EDU 2.0 to complete their Exit Slip and summarizing what they learned in class on our Discussion Board.

We are definitely saving trees and copy cost in Room 117. How do you use technology in your class?

(11/8/2012) Adding a new feature to our Paperless Classroom...Evernote!

Evernote + iPad = e-Portfolio

Evernote is a wonderful free app for students to be creative and stay organized. Evernote is an app that provides students with the opportunity to create a digital file of their notes, projects, assignments, and more.

I am going to use the iPad and Evernote as a tool to create e-portfolios for students to see, understand, reflect upon and share thier growth as a learner in my class. Students will be able to store anything in it and access it anywhere, from school, home, or their phone.

E-Portfolios will be used to store finished work and allows students to use it as a place for ongoing work.

5 Ways My Students Will Use Evernote

1.    Take notes in class. – Students can write their notes in Evernote or write handwritten notes and take a picture of it to save in Evernote.

2.    Go paperless. – Students can use Evernoteto save all assignments

3.    Portable textbooks. – Take pictures of required reading, charts, activities and save it into Evernote.

4.    Multiple Notebooks – Create multiple notebooks to organize different subjects.

5.    Record important lectures – You can record audio notes on your phone or iPad right in Evernote to ensure you didn’t miss anything from the class lecture.
The Talking Worksheet
Have you ever heard of a worksheet that talks to you. This is a fun way to leave specific instructions when you are out. Students can create a talking worksheet to explain a topic or complete an assignment to show their understanding of  a topic. It is very easy and fun to create. With Photo Booth or iMove and Pages, you can create a worksheet that talks to your students.
Project Ideas: Math ~ Explaining the steps of a word problem. English ~ Reading a paper that was written. Social Studies ~ Explaining the events on a timeline Science ~ Explaining the Scientific Method...the possibilities are endlessly!

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