Discovering Creativity with Discovery Ed

I am so excited that our school district decided to invest in Discovery Education. During the first semester of this year, I only dibble and dabbed in what Discovery Ed had to offer. I basically used it for our district's benchmark testing. I used my Fall Semester students to discover the different ways we can use the different features of Discovery Education. This semester we are integrating it in for many events in our classroom...come see what we are doing!

S.O.S. in Math

I really enjoy using Discovery Ed's Spotlight on Strategies. They have some many great, fun, strategies to use in the classroom. As a math teacher, sometimes I do find it hard to integrate them into my class. So here is my list of Strategies I have used successfully in my Math 1 class. Each PDF have a comment post-it that explains how I have implemented into my classroom. Discovery Education's SOS can be found by clinking on the title above. 

Probes for Snapshots

Students will use Discovery Ed probes to work on 8th grade concepts each day for their warm-ups. Students who take Math 1 during the Spring Semester have gone 8 months with no math at all. It is important that I am giving them the opportunity to review and practice some of the concepts learned from 8th grade. 
Each Snapshot is about 5 problems. Students will work on this during first 15 minutes of class. To integrate writing into our curriculum, students will submit a brief summary of what they learned during the Snapshot. 
Students who do not score at least an 80, will be provided with Discovery Education tutorials to watch to build skills.

Probes for Snapshots from F.i.T. on Vimeo.

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