App-tivities for the iClassroom

This page is dedicated to apps for the iPad that you can integrate into your classroom activities. Some of these are original and some are honestly borrowed from other educators.


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 Wordsalad - This FREE app creates word clouds in a quick, fast, fun way! Help students review vocabulary and combine this with Fotobabble and have them explain their word salad! What a great way to engage students in learning vocabulary, concepts, formulas, and more! So easy, no directions required!

Corkulous - This app is a sticky note app that allows the creater to create sticky notes on a cork style board. You can input sticky notes, labels, etc. The greatest feature is that it is free! Students can use this app to write notes and or study notes. Notes can be shared via mail, exported as a PDF file, Image or Board, saved as a photo or template, or it can be printed! For more information check out:

BingoBaker - Create free printable Bingo Cards with Bingo Baker ( This is not an app, but you can create a bingo card and students can use their iPads to play the Bingo game. Directions: Directions for BingoBaker

Think – Pair – Share - Students can use an app such as Corkulous or Notes to create their thoughts of a passage, problem, etc. Then pair students together and have them discuss their thoughts. Have student share their thoughts and/or discussions with their partners with the entire class.

JigSaw - Many apps (Notes, KeyNotes, SonicPic, StoryKit, Sock Puppet etc.) will allow you use the JigSaw method in your class. Assign students to a base group of 4 to 5 students. Have students to number off within their group. Assign topics to the base group members.  Students move to their expert groups. Students work with members of their expert group to research/read/learn the topic.  Expert groups create a short presentation to present to their base group. Students return to their base groups and take turns teaching their group members the material.  

Instructional Videos -  Have students create an instructional video, using such as as...Sonic Pic, iMovie, iPad Camera, etc. to teach a topic, vocabulary word, or  explain how to solve a word problem. My favorite for students to use to explain a problem is ScreenChomp. Students can explain the steps to solving a problem while working it out.

 QR Codes - Give students questions and then have them find answers by using QR Codes. The Redlaser app allows students to scan QR Codes to read codes. QR Codes can contain text, links to websites, pictures, videos, etc. They can be used for bingo games, scavenger hunts, posting homework, weekly agenda, giving notes, etc. You can create QR Codes at for free. To create scavenger hunts I often use the following website:

Scavenger Hunt Activity Using RedLaser and QR Codes
Scavenger Hunt Activity QR Code Cards
iMovie - Create commercials for projects, digital stories about particular lessons you’re teaching, and more using iMovie and other editing tools.

Video Assessments - Students can use one of the many draw-and-record apps (ScreenChomp) to work through problems or explain a topic to be used as an assessment tool.
Reflection Videos - Students can create a video or podcast using such apps as iMovie or SonicPics to describe their thinking process of solving a problem, critique an article, summarize a passage, etc.

Socrative - Makes giving and grading an assessment quick and easy. 

DropBox or Posterous - These are 2 examples of programs that will allow your students to share their projects, assignments, etc. with you! Check out their sites: and

Evernote + iPad = e-Portfolio - Evernote is a wonderful free app for students to be creative and stay organized. Evernote is an app that provides students with the opportunity to create a digital file of their notes, projects, assignments, and more. Check out the Teacher Tools post to see how we are using it in our class. Check out Evernote today!

 Fotobabble ~ A fun site to record over a photo. This is a free app or can be used using the website. It is very easy to create one. Students upload a picture and create a voice recording.



  1. Thanks for sharing.fantastic post about the apps. do you have any recommendation for educational apps related to math activities.

  2. Craig, my favorite iPad app for math activities is Numbers League. It can be adjusted by levels and can be used by several students at once. It's also got cool superhero graphics and fun music.


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