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This is a list of fun, educational websites to captivate learning in your classroom. The list includes websites to projects, activities, games, and more. ~ This site allows you to create vocabulary games for students to play! It can be used an independent review, whole class game, or you can allow students to create their own as a project and then share their games with their peers. You have to join the site, but it is free! ~ Go animate is a site that provide students with the opportunity to create a short animated video on a topic. I have used this to review vocabulary, certain mathematical rules/steps, or to show the understanding of a topic. You have to join the site, but it is free. Students can share their creation with you via email, url, or social media. Check a sample video explaining the math term Relation! More details in the Go Animate Post on this blog. ~ A backchannel that helps you connect with your students and your students with their peers in realtime. We have used this as a tool to communicate our understanding throughout the lesson, a way to ask questions, collaborate with others, and as an exit slip. ~ An awesome site that allows you to create a Bingo game for students you can print (up pto 8 pages for free), save it as a pdf file to play on your iPad, or play online. ~ This is a collaboration sticky note board to use in your classroom. Students can share ideas and have discussions in realtime. ~ I am in love with this site! Moby and Tim are such a great team in our classroom! Mini movies had quality and quantity. The wealth of worksheets, graphic organizers, tips, lessons, and more are a great resource for all teachers. My favorite is using BrainPOP and ActivExpressions to great an engaging and interactive classroom! Check it out!
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