Saturday, November 24, 2012

Twas The Day Before Exams

Just for the holiday season. What happens the day before exams?

Twas the day before exams and all through the class not a student was bored or even sleep.

Their teacher set out to find such engaging apps, so none of them would want to take a nap.

They came in class and got their iPads, with a twinkle in their eyes, she knew they were glad.

To help them with those exams that were drawing near, she found some apps to help them prepare

Ones to assess and engage, and those that brought life to each page
Apps to interact and participate and those to help collaborate

The first was Socrative to warm up their brain. Then Study Blue to help them train. Sonic Pic and Story Kit to create. And and Today's Meet to collaborate.

The students were engaged and doing so great. She didn't notice it was getting so late. Now it was time to end of class and she can tell the kids had a blast!

Nearpod was used for a review that was interactive and fun. And to end with a video reflection of their day, iMovie was chosen to complete that one.

Class was over and kids were fill with such glee, they felt confident they would pass their exam successfully.

These were the apps she used in her class. They turned the kids traditional review into a blast.

Try a few and you will see. How these apps can engage your students successfully. They allow the students to interact and collaborate.
Using engaging apps for review projects they can create.

Happy Apping to all and to all Good Apping!

By Felecia M Young

To read more about each happy, be sure to check out our other posts and pages! Happy Apping!

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