Friday, February 27, 2015

Health and Wellness in Math

You might be thinking what does Health and Wellness have to do with Math. Well, the two is perfectly linked together. Currently students are working on a Health and Wellness PBL in our Math 1 class.

The project required students to find the BMR and BMI and use this data to create a table, graphs, and equations to make future predictions. We didn't stop link this project to health and wellness students are required to create a 30 minute workout video, find 10 healthy snacks for teens, and 2 healthy recipes.

Students will use Discovery Education Boards to create a presentation for this project. Ester Marsh, our YMCA Health and Wellness Coordinator will come visit us on Wednesday to talk to the students about Health and Wellness.

The students are very excited this project and it is one that we will be visiting each week until the end of the semester. Has we continue throughout the semester we will look at ways to make healthier meals, using math to compare calories, carbs, fats, etc.

Stay tune for the final products and our speaker.....

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