Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine's Day and Direct Variation

What could Valentine's Day and Direct Variation have in common? More than my students thought. My third block class was excited to see the direct connection direct variation had on recipes.

After learning and practicing direct variation, students chose a recipe that they wanted to increase or decrease. Students created direct variation equations to increase and decrease the ingredients and also made their dish.

This is another assignment I found online that I can not recall where. I have to do a better job at keeping documentation on these awesome projects to give the wonderful educators credit.

I love giving my students the opportunity to see the connection math has in their daily lives. So often they think math is that one topic they will never ever use outside of the four walls of my classroom. Their experience in Room 117 will definitely change that...after the Valentine's Day treat, we will embark on a Get Fit project to connect linear equations....

Stay tune for that one!

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