Friday, February 1, 2013

The Digital Learning Log

This year I had the great opportunity to get a class of set of iPads. I spent the first semester finding different ways for students to save their projects, ideas, and notes. Evernote has been my favorite for saving files and notes, but it was a little difficult to manage all my students evernote account.

This semester, although only in Week 2, I have been using Kid Blog as a digital learning log. Kid Blog is an safe online classroom blogging site. Teachers have full control over all posts and comments. It is simple and fun!

We have completed two ( 2 ) assignments on the site so far, and it has been great. Kid Blog has provided my students with the  opportunity to create a digital learning log to share, save, and track their educational experiences while in my class. From journalling to sharing projects, Kid Blog is easy to create, use, and manage.

And yes....there is an APP for that! KidBlog has an App for students to use on thier iPad and iPhone.

Check out a few of my students first 2 assignments on their KidBlog site: See how Action Jackson is using KidBlog in math!

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