Thursday, January 31, 2013

Super Bowl Math


Starting the new semester with Unit 2 (Patterns in Data) provided us with the opportunity to integrate the Superbowl into our unit! Thanks to my classroom neighbor Ms. Waller, we have come up with an awesome lesson plan for our students to celebrate the Super Bowl!

Tomorrow our students will practice Unit 2 Lesson 1 Investigation 1 using the team scores for the season. Students will create a frequency table, histogram and relative frequency histogram. Students will also describe (shape, center, and spread) the data.

Hope you can find some interesting math things to integrate into your math class on tomorrow.

Lesson Activities for Patterns in Football Data...Are you ready for some football!


Other great activities I found on the net to use in my class!
1. Central Tendency and Super Bowl Commericals from Yummy Math

For fun, students will be wearning their favorite jerseys or team colors...and we will have our Super Bowl party food on deck!

Remember, There is nothing Common about Common Core Math in Room 117!

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