Sunday, February 3, 2013

Glogster as a Presentation Tool

A few months ago, I discovered Glogster. A way to create a digital posterboard. I immediately begin thinking of ways for my students to create a digital posterboard to engage them in learning. I spent some time playing with Glogster and fell in love.

This digital learning tool can be used for so much...explaining a topic, expressing your thoughts, and more. This week we will complete our Unit 2. Students will finalize their unit of study with a project using data from the staff of our school...age, number of years teaching, minutes it takes to get to work, etc. Students will use their calculator to create histograms and box plot using their data. Picture taking software will allow students to capture a picture of their histogram for their presentation. Each student will create a Glogster to discuss the shape, center, spread, five-number summary, standard deviation, and show their histogram and box plot.

Students will use Kid Blog to write their overall summary of the unit, what they learned, need help with, liked or disliked. Their Glogster will be posted to their blog post.

So stay tuned for more examples!

Students can create glogs for...
1. All About Me Assignments
2. Explaining a Topic
3. Vocabulary Review
4. Historian Projects
5. Sharing Ideas

My favorite tools on Glogster is the ability to grab a picture or video. Grabbing allows you to take a picture or record a video for your Glogster. Try it out with me!

Unit 2 Patterns in Data Project

Objective: Students will create graphic representations to display data, compute summary statistics, and describe the shape, center, and spread of the data, find the variance, and standard deviation.

Part 1: Students will use Staff Survey data collected using Goggle Docs.
Part 2: Constructing your graphs.

  1. Use your calculator to create a histogram and box plot.
  2. Take a picture of your calculator sketch of the histogram and box plot.
 Part 3: Calculations.
     1. Compute the measure of center, measure of range, five number summary, variance, and

          standard deviation.                                                      
Part 4: Analyze your data. (Kid Blog)

Write a summary of your graphs that includes the 5-number summary statistics, the measure of center (the mean, median, mode, and range), the shape, and the measure of spread. What can you use this information for? 

Part 5: Create a glog on Glogster. Include the picture of the histogram and box plot, include the measure of center, 5 number summary, range, and distribution. Post your Glogster's URL onto your Kid Blog post.


4 - A
Poster has a box plot of the data labeling the 5-number summary statistics.
Posters has a histogram with intervals labeled (intervals are your choice) and frequencies shown.
A section of the poster shows the mean, median, mode, and range of the data. Calculations must be shown or explanation of calc steps taken to find answers shown.
A section of the poster must contain a verbal description of the shape, center and spread of data.
3 – B
Only 3 out of the 4 criteria are shown.
Calculations are not shown.
Plots are not appropriately labeled.
2 – C
Only 2 out of the 4 are shown or 3 of the criteria are shown and calculations are not shown or plots are not labeled.
1 – D
1 out of the 4 criteria are shown
0 – F
No work is done

Sample Student on Summary Statistics






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