Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Micro-Blogging and Writing in Math with Twitter

I am so excited to begin writing in math using micro-blogging digital tools. Our class will be using Twitter to begin writing in Math . I created a class Twitter account and came up with 25 writing prompts for students to write on. I will randomly give each student a different prompt to add variety to our Twitter page. Students will tweet their prompt and other students will reply to their tweets.

Step 1: Create a class Twitter account.
Step 2: Have students create a Twitter account.
Step 3: Assign a time to integrate writing into the classroom.
Step 4: Create prompts for your class to tweet on...Click here for a project with rubric: Twitter Math Prompts.

~Protect your tweets and make them private.
~Have students create an account using at least thier name, so you can recognize them for assessment purposes.

Other ways to use Twitter in Math!

1.    Data Project: To collect data to create bar graphs and circle graphs. Students will poll followers on Twitter to collect their data.
2.    Polling: Create a twitter poll to collect data for graphing, prior knowledge assessment, etc. (Starts at $9 per month).
3.    Closures: Students tweet a summary of what they learned in class on a specific topic/concept
4.    Vocabulary Reviews: Give each student a different vocabulary word and have them tweet the definition, a picture, etc. Registered & Protected

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