Thursday, December 6, 2012

10 Ways to Integrate Technology with One Computer

“Can I integrate technology with only one technology device?” is a question many educators ask. You will be amazed at how much technology you can integrate with one device available in your classroom.
When I started on my integration of technology, I only had my classroom’s desktop and my cell phone. I was in a high school, so most of my students had mobile devices. But what happens in classrooms where students are younger with no mobile devices?

Quick Tips

Below I have listed ways you can integrate technology in both situations:
1. Google Docs / Drive is a great way to integrate technology as a classroom management tool.. Google Docs is a great way to store, assess, and create organizational tools for classroom management.
2. Use the computer as a presentation tool. PowerPoint, Keynote, or Prezi let you create presentations to use in your classroom to engage students. If you have a single iPad, invest in a mirror image app such as AirDisplay or use a dongle to display the presentation through a projector.
3. Learning Stations or Learning Centers – Create one center that students can use together in order to accomplish particular tasks or assignments. For example, use a single learning station for some project-based learning assignments or group work.

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