Thursday, June 18, 2015

GO Animate for Vocabulary

Getting student excited about learning vocabulary is very important. Using digital learning tools like GO Animate makes this happen. As I prepare Vocabulary Workshops for students this school, Go Animate will be a tool I continue to use with my students. It is easy, quick, and fun.

Check them out... Positive Correlation Alexandra Luffma by luffmanam on GoAnimate Equation of Perpendicular Lines by myakiera. on GoAnimate slope-intercept form by willtaylor730 on GoAnimate trend line interrogation by bourquemolly on GoAnimate 4 types of slopes by shakiracoleman on GoAnimate RAIQUAN PROJECT by 4room117 on GoAnimate christopher richarson by devoeblanec on GoAnimate the definition for x-intercept by jaquan jackson on GoAnimate Math Man teaches slope by ellerkeyshawn on GoAnimate Yow by gabeyow on GoAnimate logan Hinson by Logan Hinson on GoAnimate jacobs goanimate project by jay3406 on GoAnimate levaric by Levaric on GoAnimate

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