Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Going Google for a Digital Filing System

I have already started planning for my sixteenth year of teaching. Each year I get excited for a new beginning...creating a theme, decorating my classroom, and integrating new ideas and strategies to ensure overall student success.

I began my plans with my curriculum this time. I know I want to do Standard Based Grading, integrate technology, literacy, and PBL into my lessons. I am using Google Drive as my digital filing cabinet. Since we are a 1:1 school, I can easily share links to students for all assignments. I am dedicated to going Paperless this year. So here is my set-up...

Each unit students will have a set of vocabulary words to know. I will digitally give students the link to the entire folder. Vocabulary words will be reinforced with weekly activities. (Subscribe so you won't miss these activities).

Last year we did an Interactive Notebook. This year we will do a Digital Interactive Notebook. I will share QRs (Quick References) with students for each lesson. Students will create their own Google Drive Folder to keep their QRs in. This will be something they always have and can easily assess as they continue through their high school math courses. 

Last year as my Blended Learning/Flipped Classroom component, I did videos for students. My students gave mixed reviews on these videos. So this year I decided to do PowerPoint lessons with video tutorials provided to help assist students. I think we will use Khan Academy and/or Virtual Nerd as our video tutorials.

Everything will be filed using Google Drive. Allowing me the opportunity to go Paperless. Our school has a contract with Schoology, which allows easy integration of Google Drive documents. Students will submit their assignments via Schoology or through their shared Google Drive class folder.

Here's how to set-up your Google Drive Filing Cabinet:

Educator's Technology provides  great resource for setting up Google Drive.

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Thanks to Henrico Algebra 1 Online, Quizlet, Slack Math and Algebra Class, their resources helped me provide H-O-P-E for my students success! 

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