Friday, August 16, 2013

The Interactive Notebook

One of my goals for this school year is to invest time in student recording and organization of notes. My goal is to create a foundation to help students become organized and accountable for what they learned. I did an Interactive Notebook as a review project last semester, and I really thought it was great. The kids enjoyed creating it, but I think doing it at the begininning, would benefit students more.

So of course I went to Pinterest for ideas and here is what I created....

My Pinterest Inspired Notebook. Thanks to all the educators for the inspiration, ideas, and printables.

The outline....
Students will use old magazines to create their outside cover. The cover will have words of motivation and/or words to describe them.

The inside Front Cover will have students Password Tracker. We will be using a lot of digital learning tools and having a quick reference sheet of usernames and passwords will help students throughout the semester.

The very first page is just an information page of student's name and room #. They are free to decorate this page as they please.

The next 4 pages will be dedicated to the TOC (Table of Content) I will print these for students to tape in their INB. I found a site via Pinterest. I can't remember the exact site though.

I stole the ideas for my next section from another Pinterest Inspiration. Of course, I can't remember, but if you created it, Thanks!!!!!!

I began my numbered pages after the TOC. So Page 1 and 2 are Class Expectations.
On the left side students will draw their hand and write one of the most important things they should know about the class. The right side students will tape The ABC's of Room 117. This is their

Pages 3 and 4 is INB Information. On the left side students will give some predictions on how the INB will help them in math. In the right side, students will place their INB Information page.

Pages 5 and 6 are Learning Styles. On the left side students will draw 5 pictures of ways that they can use the learning style inventory survey they completed on the right side.

Pages 7 - 10 will be for Words Worth Knowing (WWK). Students will place important math terminology here.

The next pages will be for students notes, foldables, graphic organizers, etc.

With the last 2 pages I created a pocket for students to store all of their extra paper and things they do not finish in class.


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