Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Post it Notes

I saw a Pin on Pinterest and wanted to try using Post It Notes in the classroom. This is day 3 of the new school year and we've done this for 2 of them.

This was completed on Day 1. After discussing the rules and expectations, students were able to tell me what I can do to help them. 

I had students write their name on the bottom. For grading purposes, this was too much. I have to rethink what I can do effectively grade student work in this format. 

Day 3 we did an entrance slip...
Again great idea, but grading was not effective. 

Another educator has suggested I do color codes for each block to help distinguish the different sets of blocks. 

All of my students have an assigned number (1-30) so they will write their numbers instead of name. Students will be put their post it's in numerical order! 



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