Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Best 3 Digital Flashcard Making Tools

Engage students in learning with fun, interactive flashcards. Flashcards can be used in all subject areas. They provide students with a great resource to study and prepare for assessments.

Below are 3 great digital flashcard making tools that engage students in learning. When students are engaged in learning, they retain more. Get your students engaged with these flashcard creating sites.

ProProfs Flash Cards is a highly engaging free online flashcard creating site. With the ability to use it on PC's and mobile learning devices, students can study anytime and anywhere. ProProfs allow students to make learning fun and memorizing easy. Students can share flashcards on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, embed on websites, print, or email. To begin creating your free flashcards visit

Flashcard Machine is another free online flashcard making site. Flashcard Machine allow students the opportunity to create, study, and share flashcards. They are able to take a quiz and print their flashcards. My favorite feature is the ability for teachers to create flash cards for students. It also allow teachers to create customized pages for each class. Flashcard Machine is free and yes, there is an App for that! Flashcard Machine is not only for desktops or laptops. Students and teachers can download the free app on their iPad, iPod, orAndroid device.

Another free online website is Study Blue. Here, students can make and share flashcards and/or lecture notes. Flashcards can be reviewed or printed. Study Blue can be used on a PC or mobile device.

Use these sites as an introduction to a unit or a review of a unit. Students will enjoy creating, sharing,and studying flashcards with these free digital tools. Registered & Protected


  1. Thanks for your useful post. They are the popular flashcard apps for students. But I wanna share with you Superflashcard app at: Its database and organization is easy for using and downloading free. For functionally, you can create your own carsets to share with your friends.

  2. Thanks for sharing, I will definitely check it out!


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