Monday, December 24, 2012

On the 1st Day...1 Tool to Engage and Encourage

Engaging and Encouraging Mathematical Ideas with Today’s Meet

Want to engage to students in mathematical conversations? Want to encourage them to analyze and critique their mathematical ideas? Today’s Meet is a great tool to used in math to engage and encourage students to share their mathematical ideas and thoughts.

In our math class, we use Today's Meet as a Parking Lot. Students post questions or comments from an assignment and other students are other to respond or comment. To encourage students to participate in responding to their classmates, extra points are rewarded. Students really love to share how they solved a problem, tips they used, and even websites they found to assist them in working through the assignment.

Today’s Meet is also be used as an assessment tool for my students. From assessing prior knowledge to how well they understand a specific topic, Today’s Meet motivates students to
engage in their learning. To assess students, provide students with a question, vocabulary word, or a topic and have students respond to it. To keep student’s identity confidential, I provide my students with a number to use as their name.

Today’s Meet provides a great tool as an exit slip for students to share what they learned in class for the day or what they may be need more help with. The opportunity to print the transcript, allows you to provide students with a copy to use a review or for absent students.

Today’s Meet is a free tool to use in your class, and setup is easy. Visit, create your room, and then select how long you want your room to be available. Today’s Meet will provide you with an url for your room. Give students the url and begin engaging them in mathematical conversations.

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Felecia M Young

Salisbury High School, Salisbury NC

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