Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Evernote + iPad = e-Portfolio

Evernote is a wonderful free app for students to be creativeand stay organized. Evernote is a digital tool that provides students with the opportunityto create a digital file of their notes, projects, assignments, and more.

Evernote is a great tool to use as an e-portfolio for students to view, analyze, reflect upon and share their educational growth as a learner in my class. Students will be able to store anything in itand access it anywhere, from school, home, or their phone.

5 Ways To Use Evernote

1. Take notes in class. – Students can write their notes in Evernote or write handwritten notes and take a picture of it to save in Evernote.
2. Go paperless. – Students can use Evernote to save all their notes and assignments.
3. Textbooks on the Go - Take pictures of required text or digital images from their textbook and save it into Evernote.
4. Multiple Notebooks – Create multiple notebooks to organize different subjects.
5. Recorded Lessons – You can record audio notes right in Evernote to ensure you didn’t miss anything from the class lecture.

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  1. wow the Evernote app are very flexible really like it.
    I know a very similar app Simplenote is good for text.


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