Friday, August 10, 2012

QR Code fun....

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Yesterday in class students participated in a QR Code Scavenger to review Systems of Equations. It was very easy to create and very fun to particpate in. The students enjoyed it so much, they wanted to do more when all the clues were found.

To create I first created a map of our school Scavenger Hunt Map. Then I created the clue cards
Scavenger Hunt Clue Cards using a QR Code Maker. You may have to create it to fit your school. Students scanned the clue cards, got an answer and then graphed the answers on the map. The point on the map told them where to go for their next clue.

Video Tutorial

Last night I began working on a few things for class. This year I want my students to learn math formulas. Since we will have a set of iPads this year, what better way to create a QR Code matching activity.

These are so simple to create...
1. Go to ~ a free site to create codes using many formats. For this I chose the text format.

2. For each code I typed in one of the formulas.

3. Click download and copy and paste your code into your document.

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  1. Wow. I love this. Is it possible that I can use it on my website? I want to start collecting exam review materials and yours looks great!


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