Sunday, April 26, 2015

HOPE - Having Opportunities to Pursue Excellence - Success Plan

In the past few months, I have been excited to try a few strategies to ensure my students' overall success in Math 1. My principal introduced me to several of these strategies and I creatively selected parts of them to create the ultimate educational success plan for my students.

These strategies will be shared in my resource guide that will be released this summer...

HOPE Success Plan! 

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All of the strategies that I implemented had one unique factor...the opportunities it provided students to have HOPE. Each strategy uniquely gave students a sense that even if they failed at a certain task, they had the opportunity to reach success.

These HOPE Opportunities built resilience in my students. It was amazing how hard they work and the data showed it. In our district, Benchmarks are given three times during the semester. Our first Benchmark assessment was given during the first three weeks of school, after the first Benchmark, I began to implement my success plan. The amazing growth my students made on Benchmark 2 was phenomenal.

I can't wait to share the HOPE Success Plan Resource Guide. This Guide will include strategies, activities, projects, reproducibles, and more.  

If your students struggle in Math and are unmotivated to learn, HOPE Success Plan! will definitely provide them with the opportunities to help them pursue excellence. 
If you are interested in me doing a workshop for your staff on HOPE Success Plan!, inbox me for details. Dates are limited, so be sure to reserve yours now!

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There is HOPE for your students! 

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