Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Vine, Memes, Selfies, Oh My!

How amazing is it to integrate your students' world into their classroom activities. You can Vine, Memes, and Selfies to help motivate and inspire your students to learn. All subject areas and grade levels can integrate them into daily classroom activities.

I think we are awesome for quick formative assessments and vocabulary.

Even if you do not have these apps, students can use their cameras on their cell phone, tablets, laptops and or desktops to create these amazing creations.



Doing It For the Vine

Meme for Order of Operations

Students will find a picture to use and create a Meme that shows their understanding of Order of Operations. 

I think the things you can do with these are limitless. In math I will use these for vocabulary, formative assessments, showing steps, and word problems. I will share our creations as we continue into the semester.

To see more ideas and student creations, be sure to 

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  1. Impressive memes...
    Try to create more creative and beautiful memes with FollowLife


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