Saturday, November 16, 2013

Games, Assessments, Projects, and Strategies...Oh My!

I had  request to do a Resource Pack for a client. He wanted 10 games he could use in his math class with average to below average students. I had a few in my previous eBook, that he enjoyed, so I created a few more!

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I really enjoyed creating these games and thought it would be nice to share my creation with you.

Included in the Got G.A.P.S.? Game Edition you get 10 games...
Who Wants to Be a Mathionaire? (Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?)
60 Second Challenge (Minute to Win It)
Are You Smarter Than Your Classmate? (5th Grader)
Win Lose or Draw
Math-a-gories (Scattergories)
MathaBoo (Taboo)
Amazing Race Equations Edition
Pick Up Sticks

These games are easy to integrate into your lesson plans to add fun and engagement! Students will not know they are actually learning.

Got G.A.P.S.? The Game Edition is only $5!!!

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Less than $1 per game. Cheaper than buying these board games in the store with no math content at all!

Hosting a Math Night...This is a must have! A great resource pack to have an awesome Math Family Game Night!

For a limited only, you can get a copy of all 3 of my resource books for $20!
Filled with games, activities, projects, strategies, and formative assessment tools!

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has Choice Menus, Matho, Games, Digital Projects and more to get students motivated to learn mathematics.

If you are interested in providing students with the opportunity to share what they are learning in an engaging and creative way, check out our F.A.T., It Does A Student Good book.

F.A.T. has over 30 different engaging activities for students to use as formative assessments.

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