Sunday, March 10, 2013

NCTIES Outstanding Teacher of the Year

As a educator you wear many hats. Sometimes hats you do not know you are even capable of wearing. My ultimate goal as an educator is to prepare my students for like outside of high school.
I love education with all my heart and this love have provided me with the passion to do whatever it takes to motivate and inspire my students to learn.
On March 8th at the NCTIES Conference in Raleigh NC, my hard work and dedication was recognized. I was awarded the 2013 Outstanding Teacher of the Year!
This award recognizes and honors one teacher who has demonstrated outstanding achievement and leadership in implementing technology to improve education. Award recipients are selected from a pool of nominations submitted to NCTIES from around the state of North Carolina.

This award means so much to me because my educational journey have not been one that must educators have experienced. The success of all the things I have accomplished in this journey is the result of someone telling me no, not right now, we have chosen someone else, or not a response at all.  Everything closed door I faced in this journey made me a better educator. It allowed me to challenge myself and work hard for me and my students.

To me, this award is confirmation that I am where I am suppose me in my life's journey. It is motivation to continue to use technology as a tool to inspire students to learn. More importantly it is inspiration to become the best educator I can be.

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