Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Talking QR Code

QR Codes have made an impact on education as a great digital tool to engage students in learning. They are great to use as scavenger hunts, quick tips, resources, notes, and examples.

Did you know that you can create QR Codes that talk?

Recently, I read about using QR Voice to create talking QR Codes. Immediately I had to try it out. I spent a few minutes brainstorming ways to integerate this into an activity or lesson. The possbilities are endless. Teachers can use QR Voice for directions, vocabulary, scavenger hunt, and tips.

Next week, my students will be working on translating word problems into equations and solving them. PERFECT for QR Voice Codes. I found 15 word problems to record for the QR Voice Code Sheet. To create my codes, I use QR Voice. It is simple to create. Just type in what you want the code to say, click the QR Code icon, and you are done.

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