Thursday, December 13, 2012

On the Twelfth of Christmas ...12 Digital Exit Slips

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas F.i.T. gave me 12 Digital Exit Slip Tools to use...

This year our district implemented the use of exit slips to assess student daily learning. So, what are exit slips...

Exit Slips are used to help students reflect on their learning and express their ideas and learning about a topic. The Exit Slip strategy also provides the teacher with the opportunity to integrate writing into the classroom.

Exit Slips can serve as 2 purpose: (1) It can be used to document student's understanding of a lesson, (2) as an informal assessment, and (3) the effectiveness of the teacher's instruction.  The strategy allows both the teacher and student to reflect on their daily experiences in class.
At first, I was not excited about doing one more thing in my class. After doing a few, I realized how useful Exit Slips were to the overall success of my students.
The Exit Slip strategy works extremely well with integrating digital tools in your classroom. You could allow students to write on their own paper or even print-out cute exit slips from online sites. But with so much other tasks we have to do, web-based tools and apps, makes Exit Slips can easy  implemented and analyze.
  • Prompts that document learning,
    • Ex. Write one thing you learned today.
    • Ex. Discuss how today's lesson could be used in the real world.

  • Prompts that emphasize the process of learning,
    • Ex. I didn't understand…
    • Ex. Write one question you have about today's lesson.

  • Prompts to evaluate the effectiveness of instruction
    • Ex. Did you enjoy working in small groups today?
Other exit prompts include:
  • I would like to learn more about…
  • Please explain more about…
  • The most important thing I learned today is…
  • The thing that surprised me the most today was…
  • I wish…
Fisher, D., and Frey, N. (2004). Improving Adolescent Literacy: Strategies at Work. New Jersey: Pearson Prentice Hall.
Listed below are my favorite Digital Exit Slips Apps and Web-based Tools. All are free, with the option to get premium membership. It makes doing Exit Slips easy to implement, analyze, and document. Print the responses and keep them in a portfolio for your students!
5. Email
8. Class Blog or Wiki
9.  Edmodo
Have fun with these 12 Digital Exit Slips Apps and Web-based Tools.

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