Monday, December 17, 2012

On the 8th Day....Fun Review Games for Finals

After Christmas break students will return to school for 8 days of review prior to taking their End of Course Exams. Giving my students packets with hundreds of problems, but that would only lead to them giving up, sleeping, and not even trying. So below of 8 fun activities I created to motivate and engage my students in their final exam reviews.

1. Vocabulary Gallery Walk - Each student will be given a word to define and provide an example for. Students will use Sock Puppet or Go Animate to create a mini skit to define and example their word. Students will lay iPads around the room and walk around to review each skit. Sticky notes will be placed near iPads for students to leave comments. Students will be instructed to write definitions and examples as they view each skit on their Vocabulary Gallery Walk Recording Sheet.

2. Word Problems Movie Premiere  - Students will placed in groups and will be given a word problem to create a movie. Each group will write and record a movie that tells their problem and the process they took to solve it. iMovie Instructions and Rubric To have fun, host a Movie Premiere, with popcorn, candy, drinks, and a red carpet.

3. BINGO - I love using Bingo Baker to create a BINGO game students can use on their iPads. Creating one is easy and students love using their iPads to play. Use it vocabulary, specific content review, or overall review. Here's a list of directions to create you on.

4. QR Codes Scavenger Hunt - Create QR Codes with word problems and other review problems to post in the classroom and the school. Give students the problem in the code to scan and put answer on another sheet with the answer. Example of a QR Code Scavenger Hunt for Equations.

5. Think- Pair-Share - Students will complete a series of problems that first require them to think about the process to solve the problem (gather their ideas), then students will get with a partner and work out the problem. Partners will share their problem and process of solving the problem using an interactvie whiteboard app such as Doddle Buddy.

6. Speed Dating - Using the Released Test from our state, each student will receive one problem to solve and explain. Students will use ScreenChomp or SonicPic to create a presentation that tells their problem and explains how to solve. Students will be required to show their work and record the steps they took to solve it. Speed Dating Directions.

7. Final Exam Think-Tac-Toc - Discussed in a earlier blog and article, this is a great way for differentiated instructions. Students are allowed to choose 3 activities to help in thier review. I incorporated technology tools in my version called Final Exam Think-Tech-Toe.

8. Flashcards Review - Create flashcards using StudyBlue. Share your cards with students. Have study them using study and test mode. I created a set for my students. If you teach Integrated Math 1, you are more than welcomed to use the Integrated Math 1 Vocabulary Review Cards.

These are 8 fun review games that is sure to get students motivated to review for their final exams!


  1. There is some apps would you like:
    -English Language Arts
    Is very important to motivate the students whit interactive apps.

  2. hi..Im student from Informatics engineering, this article is very informative, thanks for sharing :)


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