Tuesday, December 18, 2012

On the 7th Day.....7 Tips to Effectively Use iPads in Your Classroom

This is my first year using iPads, so I started out with these simple things and it has really helped to maintain sanity in my classroom while students are using the iPads.

1. Create a ipad contract for students and teachers.
2. Create a set of rules and procedures for students to follow while using iPads. Establish procedures from getting iPads to returing them.
3. Teach your students how to properly use the iPads. Model all procedures, iPad functions, keys, etc.
4. Assign each students a iPad to use daily. Require that students only use their assigned iPad each day.
5. Create an iPad Sign-in/Sign-out sheet. This will help with accountablity.
6. While students are using their iPads, monitor, monitor, monitor! They are less likely to venture off and explore if they know you are watching at all times.
7. Don't be afraid to take student's iPad privileges. My first removal of iPad from  a student was when he changed the background. Small, but it was big enough to let students know that I was very real!

Have fun! Students enjoy using them, they are engaging, and it motivates them to learn.

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