Saturday, December 8, 2012

7 Innovative Assessment Tools


Sometimes math can be a bit challenging for some students. Math is that subject with no grey areas, either your response is correct or not. With the opportunity to have 1:1 iPads in my classroom, it provided with a chance to create innovative assessments to engage my students in learning.

The integration of technology has motivated my students to not only learn, but participate in learning. For the first time, I see students being engaged in everything from note taking to assessments. Yes, assessments. Digital learning tools have taken the place of the traditional paper and pencil math test. For my students digital learning tools has given them the opportunity to be successful.

Mobile devices such as iPads, iPods, and mobile phones allow students to engage in assessments that are fun and engaging.

The followingis a list of digital tools you can use in your classroom. All are free, engaging and promote academic success.

1.   Nearpod is an app similar to PowerPoint or Keynote. One major difference,you can integrate surveys and quizzes. It is a multi-media app that lets teachers create presentations that includes text, images, videos, assessment,and a drawing tool.

2.   Socrative can be used to practice problems as a warm-up, exit slip,reviews, or assessments. Reports are sent to your email as an Excel file.

3.   Google Docs allow teachers to create true/false, multiple choice, oropen-ended assessments in a survey type format. A link is provided for studentsto go to the assessment and results are sent to the teacher. This can be usedon Macs, PCs, and all mobile devices.

4.   Polls everywhere is an interactive online program that allows teachers tofacilitate online polls to students via a link and/or texting.

5.   Survey Monkey is another online survey builder that can be used to engagestudents.

6.   Flisti is a free online polling tool that does not require a sign-up.Enter a question(s) and give voters url to go to poll! Great for fastassessment tool to check student understanding.

7.   Quiz Star is free Web-based quiz maker that allows the teacher to create,administer, and automatically grade quizzes online.

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