Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fun Interactive Whiteboards to Engage Students in Math

We all know that in math, you write. When I first started teaching, I had a class set of individual whiteboards with expo markers and erasers for students to practice solving problems. When the board was filled, students erased their work and continued working on another problem. I always hated not having the opportunity to save their work for discussions or later viewing.

Now with the wonderful digital world and the iPads in my classroom, my students are able to work out problems, record in words the process, and share it. Below I have listed my favorite interactive whiteboard apps that engages students in math. They are all fun, engaging, and FREE!

Each app provide students with the opportunity to doddle, record a voice over, and share. I have listed a few highlights of each below.

1.      ShowMe  Easy to use!

2.      ScreenChomp Records you while you doodling. You can also include images from your iPad camera roll.

3.      EduCreations Educreations not only allows you to doodle, record, and share, it also provides you with realistic digital ink, photos and ink.

4.      Doodle Buddy My students love this one. Is gives you the same opportunity as the others, but you also have the option of backgrounds such a dot paper, tic-tac-toe boards, etc.

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Evernote + iPad = e-Portfolio

Evernote is a wonderful free app for students to be creativeand stay organized. Evernote is a digital tool that provides students with the opportunityto create a digital file of their notes, projects, assignments, and more.

Evernote is a great tool to use as an e-portfolio for students to view, analyze, reflect upon and share their educational growth as a learner in my class. Students will be able to store anything in itand access it anywhere, from school, home, or their phone.

5 Ways To Use Evernote

1. Take notes in class. – Students can write their notes in Evernote or write handwritten notes and take a picture of it to save in Evernote.
2. Go paperless. – Students can use Evernote to save all their notes and assignments.
3. Textbooks on the Go - Take pictures of required text or digital images from their textbook and save it into Evernote.
4. Multiple Notebooks – Create multiple notebooks to organize different subjects.
5. Recorded Lessons – You can record audio notes right in Evernote to ensure you didn’t miss anything from the class lecture.

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